About Us


Lifelong Alaskan Joanne Hinton was introduced to the art of jewelry design in 1994. During an extensive tour of Asia she collected beautiful and unique jewelry pieces from various remote locations.

Since that time, Joanne has experimented with her own designs and ultimately founded Two Fish Gallery of Anchorage, Alaska. Today Joanne is involved in the full spectrum of jewelry design; traveling domestically and internationally to marry unique jewels with their ideal settings.

Two Fish Gallery remains an outlet for several jewelers from around the world. Joanne's exclusive creations united with the unique pieces she acquires in her international travels form a dazzling collection that includes over 600 different styles and colors for you to choose from.

"I'm Joanne Hinton and it is my pleasure to present to you my design originals. I hope you will enjoy each piece as much as I have enjoyed creating it. May each item be a treasure to brighten your daily endeavors."

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