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"Lucky" Charm
Sterling silver round charm pendant with "lucky" written in cursive in the middle.   ..
Carved Lotus Flower Drop
Heavy Cast Carved Lotus Flower. Pendant is about 7/8" x 1". The lotus flower holds many meanings; di..
Dainty Stamped Flower
Perfect charm of a flower to add to your collection or simply wear seperately. Sterling silver. C..
Double Angel Wing Silver Pendant
Sterling silver 92.5 large pendant   ..
Flaming Heart Pendant
Medium sized sterling silver pendant. Chain sold seperately.   ..
Floating Poppy
Sterling silver 92.5 flower pendant Chain sold seperately       ..
Flying Swallow Pendant
Sterling silver swallow disk. Leather chain NOT included   ..
Granulated Starfish
Simply Silver Granulated Starfish Pendant. Approximately 4x4 cm. The chain is not included. Searc..
Large Asymmetrical Flower
Large sterling silver 92.5 pendant Chain sold seperately   ..
Mane Frame Mare Pendant
Sterling silver mare horse pendant. ..
Ocean Waves Pendant
Sterling Silver Ocean Waves Pendant. Aprox 6x2.5 centimeters.Chains/Cords not included, please shop ..
Octopus Pendant
Sterling silver octopus pendant. Approx. 4x3 cm Chain not included. Please shop our chains for th..
Open Cut Lotus Flower
Large open cut lotus flower in sterling silver. Chain not included. ..
Open Cut Marquee with Tree
This sterling silver pendant is a thin open cut marquee with tree branches lining the inside. Cha..
Oval Bird Charm
Small sweet bird charm in sterling silver. ..

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